The launch of the Alteia Fund heralds the consolidation of an iconic investment fund focused on Africa and the Middle East.

Alteia Fund emerged from a Management Buy Out of Barak’s Group founding partners in early 2023. With assets under Management (AuM) of over USD 1bn, Alteia comprises a team of highly specialised fund managers who offer their clients access to 30 countries in Africa as well as expansion opportunities into new markets in the Middle East, including UAE and Saudi Arabia, where they now have a presence.

In the words of Alteia Fund’s CEO, Kevin Ramsamy, Alteia’s vision is to “provide sustainable investment solutions that empower clients to achieve their financial goals while driving positive societal change in both Africa and the Middle East. Adherence to the highest industry standards cements our unwavering commitment to responsible, transparent, accountable investing”.

The Fund’s strategy is premised on investing in debt finance assets in a panoply of asset classes in Africa and the Middle East. The Alteia team’s particular area of focus is on commodities with a high physical liquidity, which are of an export, import or regional nature. “Alteia’s stakeholders get to experience the power of investment via the ingenuity of our highly experienced team and their extensive network of stakeholders in the field” Kevin Ramsamy, Alteia Fund CEO.

With myriad strong pipeline deals, positive investor sentiment and the collective expertise of the Fund’s staff focused on unlocking investor opportunities, the future looks exceedingly bright for Alteia. Invest today, earn tomorrow!

About Alteia Fund

Alteia is a market-focused alternative investment fund for Africa and the Middle East, backed by a team that has a strong legacy of debt financing in key sectors such as soft and hard commodities. Alteia’s team provides trade finance to companies towards achieving economic growth and job creation in these vital sectors with high impact on the community and local livelihoods. The ability to provide short, medium and long-term financing solutions, is what underpins Alteia’s vision of being one of the leading alternative financiers in both Africa and the Middle East.


Contact details:
Ms Keshika Motaye

Tel: +230 698 0397