Why invest in Trade Finance?

Short-term and lower risk lending for emerging markets

Trade finance reduces strain on working capital without significantly impacting future capital structuring decisions, helping companies maintain operations through low-growth periods, such as the COVID crisis and the post-pandemic muted economic environment, and position for better prospects thereafter.

Smaller businesses with promising prospects often do not have access to enough working capital, leading them to pursue alternative and often more expensive financing avenues, or abandoning the trade, reducing growth opportunities for these businesses.

Given that trade finance is short-term and lower risk, Alteia believes this is the most apt form of lending for emerging markets.

Impact Investing

Shaping a resilient future together

At Alteia, we understand that ESG is far more than just data and metrics. It embodies a comprehensive approach that recognises the intrinsic link between financial performance, environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and effective governance. We embrace the interconnectedness of these factors, prioritising the long-term sustainability of businesses and communities. ESG: Shaping a Resilient Future Together.

Carbon Credit

Driving Sustainable Impact and Financial Returns

As the world transitions to a low-carbon economy, carbon credits provide a valuable asset class that aligns financial goals with environmental stewardship. Alteia’s Carbon Credit fund is carefully curated to offer a unique opportunity to blend profitability with sustainability.

Our team of experts diligently selects and manages a diverse portfolio of carbon credit projects, undergoing rigorous assessment to ensure their environmental efficacy and financial viability. By aligning your investments with sustainable values, we make sure you enjoy the dual benefit of attractive returns and responsible environmental impact.