Our Story

Driving economic growth through innovative financing

Alteia is a market-focused alternative investment fund for Africa and the Middle East, backed by a team that has a strong legacy of debt financing in key sectors such as soft and hard commodities.

Having built an impressive track record in Africa since 2008, the team has provided trade finance to companies with the goal of achieving economic growth and job creation in these vital sectors with high impact on the community and local livelihoods.

Our ability to provide short-term, medium-term and long-term financing solutions is what underpins Alteia’s goal of being one of the leading alternative financiers across Africa and the Middle East.

To be entrenched as one of Africa’s leading alternative financiers while replicating this success story in the Middle East.

To serve stakeholders whilst creating impact in communities, addressing the credit funding gap through the provision of a broad range of structured products that are developed with the needs of emerging market entrepreneurs in mind.

Investment Philosophy

Uncovering value through guided investment principles

Alteia provides investors with unique and uncorrelated investment strategies customised to the needs of emerging market entrepreneurs. We have harnessed a robust set of guidelines, beliefs, and investment principles that optimise the search for risk-adjusted, valuation-driven yields for investors.

Our Team

Experts who deliver financial success

The executive team is a hand-picked group of specialists with significant expertise in agricultural commodities, structured trade finance, logistics, and loan management. Read the bios of key management team and investment committee members here:

Our Footprint

Alteia’s worldwide footprint with offices in diverse locations