Alteia has been weaving through a mosaic of licenses for over 14 years now to increase accessibility, bolster visibility and most importantly, to ensure compliance with diverse regulatory landscapes where the business and its stakeholders are present. Alteia has extended its reach across borders, from the Cayman Islands, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, South Africa and Abu Dhabi, with the first step being deciphering the unique regulatory requirements of each jurisdiction it operates. The journey of obtaining and maintaining licenses across different jurisdictions is a nuanced dance between ambition and adherence.

Harmonizing practices and sustaining regulatory requirement are instrumental to the company’s success; from business permits to industry-specific licenses, the maze is intricate for sustainable adherence to international regulatory frameworks.  Alteia, operates hence within a well-structured framework, overseen by a team of qualified professionals who are dedicated and committed to keep pace with the ever-growing dynamics, crucial to avoid regulatory pitfalls.

Alteia has a panoply of licenses across different jurisdictions:

  • Alteia Advisory Ltd and Alteia Fund Management Ltd, holds an unrestricted Investment Adviser license and a CIS Manager respectively as issued by the Financial Services Commission(“FSC”) Mauritius.
  • The Alteia Private Credit Fund SPC and Alteia Global Fund SPC are both Mutual Fund licensed entities regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (“CIMA”) in the Cayman Islands.
  • Ejada Capital in Saudi Arabia holds a Capital Market Authority (“CMA”) license.
  • Alteia Investment Management Ltd has been authorised to operate in the financial services industry under a commercial license as issued by the Anu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”).

Demonstrating commitment in all jurisdictions it has a footprint, Alteia has a track record in adhering to a meticulous process of upholding the necessary licenses requirements. This not only fosters transparency but also establishes a solid foundation to nurture our stakeholders’ trust and has been key in sparking the business growth of Alteia.

Alteia has implemented a centralized compliance management system to streamline the workflow and establishing effective communication channels with the regulatory authorities. This allows for efficient monitoring and adaptation to changing regulatory environments, leveraging on advanced technologies such as compliance software that enhances the ability to track regulatory changes and proactively address regulatory compliance issues.

As our business continues to evolve in an interconnected world, the journey of obtaining licenses not only becomes a legal requirement but also a strategic imperative.

The success of Alteia hinges on its ability to traverse the terrain of licenses and regulatory compliance. By effectively addressing the challenges of each jurisdiction head-on, Alteia has built a resilient foundation for long-term success and viability of its investors.